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Bride Who Lost 113 Lbs. on Instagram Before Her Wedding: ‘I Don’t Want to Sugarcoat My Journey’

This article originally appeared on People.com.  After trying countless diets, Haley Smith finally found the motivation to stick to a plan when her boyfriend proposed in July 2015. Smith got serious about weight loss and decided to slim down before their wedding. “I really knew if I wanted to change, I needed to make realistic goals,” she tells PEOPLE’s Collector’s Edition Half Their Size: The Ultimate Get-Fit Guide [brightcove:5361870782001 default] At the… Read More »

Weight Loss Success Story: "I Lost 114 Pounds"

Laura Micetich, 25, 6’0”, from Jackson, Tenn. Before: 304 lb., size 26 After: 190 lb., size 10 Total pounds lost: 114 lb. Total sizes lost: 8   I was a healthy eater growing up. My father was a doctor, and he made us nutritious meals, like baked chicken and salad. But when I got to college and started feeding myself, that all disappeared. Chinese takeout quickly replaced Dad’s leafy greens; my… Read More »

‘I Swallowed a Balloon For Weight Loss and Lost 40 Lbs.’

This article originally appeared on Time.com.  Dana Goossens, 29, lives in Illinois and participated in a recent clinical trial for a weight loss device called the Obalon Balloon System. Here’s her story: Like many Americans, I’ve tried all sorts of ways to lose weight. That’s been disheartening, especially since I’ve always been an active person. I tried everything from diet pills to eating only 500 calories a day and getting… Read More »

I Lost 72 Pounds By Eating More Food

Meghan Gilbert, 20, 5'4", from Dallas Before: 200 lb., size 16 After: 128 lb., size 0 Total pounds lost: 72 lb. Total sizes lost: 8 Growing up, I never knew the importance of exercise (the most activity I would get was at band practice). That, combined with my love of sweet tea and fast food, was a recipe for weight gain. In fact, by my senior year of high school, my petite… Read More »

Weight Loss Success Story: "I Lost 68 Pounds Using the Buddy System"

Jennifer Walczak, 29, 5'5", from Bowmansville, N.Y. Before: 215 lbs., size 18 After: 147 lbs., size 8 Total pounds lost: 68 Total sizes lost: 5 I was no stranger to overindulging; I routinely scarfed down wings and pizza during family takeout nights. I knew I was overweight, but in all honesty, my attempts to cut out unhealthy foods were halfhearted. That is, until my 2011 Florida vacation. After a week of… Read More »

Weight Loss Success Story: "I Lost 45 Pounds"

Felix Sanchez Nicole Finkbeiner 33, 5'5" Houston, Texas Before: 170 lbs., size 10 After: 125 lb.s, size 0-2 Total pounds lost: 45 lb. Sizes lost: 5 Hit the gym in style: Nicole is wearing the Sweaty Betty Resistance Workout Bra ($ 55, sweatybetty.com), and Power Run Capris ($ 90, sweatybetty.com). Growing up as a competitive swimmer, I didn't have to give my nutrition or workouts a second thought—my coaches planned… Read More »

Weight Loss Success Story: "I Lost 65 Pounds"

Paige Jackson, 30, 5’7”, from New Orleans Before: 220 lb., size 18 After: 155 lb., size 4 Total pounds lost: 65 lb. Total sizes lost: 7 I was a three-sport athlete in high school, so active that I never gave a second thought to the fried chicken and cornbread I was scarfing down. Going off to college in 2004 put an end to my intense training schedule—but not my crazy eating habits. After… Read More »