Buy low-cost Leftovers When local restaurants close

By | November 21, 2016

Buy low-cost Leftovers When local restaurants close
meals For All is a new app designed to support stay away from waste and keep funds within the system

To help combat the realm’s food waste difficulty, food For All is an app that mobilizes Boston’s native eating places to sell their leftover meals at cheaper expenditures.

in response to meals For All, 40 p.c of meals produced—a whopping forty three billion kilos-value—is wasted each year. obviously, we now have a long manner to head in fixing this international phenomenon, however food For All is taking it one step at a time.


food For All venture Head David Rodriguez has already satisfied 30 restaurants in Boston to check in. All they have to do is download the app, order the leftover meals, pay and then agenda for opt for-up earlier than the restaurant closes. if they hit their crowdfunding goal, ideally their end goal is to provider the Boston and long island city areas

food For All

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