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Best Thai Food Restaurants in Boston MA

Pho Basil

177 Massachusetts Ave
Boston, MA 02115
Phone number (617) 262-5377
Phenomenal food! Can’t say enough about how this is easily our favorite Vietnamese food we have ever had – and we have tried a lot across America.


We had the
Soft rolls,
Beef salad – which my husband loved so much he is thinking about coming back for lunch tomorrow – and says is the best Thai salad he has ever had as the flavor a were so rich
Pad Thai – easily the best I have ever had
Pork bun – very good but the best ever was in the quality of meat they used – no gristle which I do often find
Chicken fried rice – which my son noted was one of the best he has had and he orders it often

We will definitely be back!!
Awesome find!!!

Pad Thai Cafe

1116 Boylston St
Boston, MA 02115
Phone number (617) 247-3399

I can’t believe it took me more than a year to finally come here, when it’s 5 min walk from my apt. Never looked like much from the outside so didn’t think it would be any good until my Thai friend told me that she takes her parents here. Now you got my attention!


This probably one of the worst decorated, dinkiest looking restaurants I’ve been to Boston. I normally appreciate the atmosphere etc very much. But I think that just goes to show you how much I enjoy the food here to still give it 4 stars and come on on an almost weekly basis now for a quick cheap meal.

Unlike most Thai places in town, Pad Thai Cafe is actually run by Thai people, with a Thai menu to boot. They have most of the traditional dishes such as pad thai, pad kee mau, curries etc that people are familiar with, but also offer many that are less popular but authentic. By now, I’ve had a couple of the curries (Thai style Panang being my favorite), crispy basil chicken, and basil pad thai. Everything has fantastic flavor and big portions. And just a warning that some of the dishes are legitimately spicy!


Bangkok Pinto

1041 Tremont St
Boston, MA 02120
Phone number (617) 442-5555

Called in an order for vegetable pad thai and fresh rolls, and it was ready within 15 minutes! The storefront and interior itself is quirky and cute, and it smells clean inside (always a make-or-break for a takeout place, in my books).


Seriously, the food was so good. Perfectly textured, evenly flavored, and generous with mix-ins, egg bits, scallions, etc. I mean, I really loved everything, even the way the vegetables and noodles were cut- the dishes just work so well without trying too hard.

Service was A+, portions were more than fair, location is easily accessible, and ordering was easy and error-free.


Beantown Pho & Grill

Back Bay
272 Newbury St
Boston, MA 02116
Phone number (857) 263-8440

I must admit that i had my reservations the first time I came here. I mean, a pho place in the middle of Newbury gotta be a tourist trap, right?


Imagine how pleasantly surprised I was with my meal. As someone used to the so-called “legit” pho places in Chinatown, I really enjoyed my experience at Beantown. The impression I got here was that the people at Beantown cared about their customers and their dinning experiences. It was a completely different experience from what I was used to in Chinatown. Perhaps a part of it was due to the restaurant culture in Chinatown and moreover, those restaurants will always have an influx of customers. Personally, I am definitely making a switch to make Beantown my regular pho spot. Note that this comes from someone who’s been going to Chinatown pho places since 2010.

At the end of the day, Beantown wins with decor, service, and of course, food. I really enjoyed sitting in the quieter, cleaning environment here. Also, their hipster style lighting plus the paintings constitute a much cozier pho-eating experience than what I was used to elsewhere. I was equally impressive with the service here. Unlike the Chinatown establishments such as Pho Pasteur, the servers here were attentive and friendly. I never had wait long for them to check on us with orders/refills. Moreover, they got my orders right! I normally order my beef on the cooked side, and I’ve already lost count at the number of times Pho Pasteur messed that up. Not Beantown!

One might argue the setting/service are just fluff compared to good ethnic food. But both the shrimp spring rolls and the beef pho were delicious and no less than those of their counterparts in Chinatown. In fact, I find myself craving the food from Beantown more often than I crave the food of any other Vietnamese places in Chinatown. The pho also came in a generous sized bowl at a very reasonable price. Well done, Beantown!

Rod Dee Thai 2

94 Peterborough St
Boston, MA 02215
Phone number (617) 859-0969

This place is an awesome find! Tucked away from the main road in Fenway, this place can not disappoint! Very fast and always delicious, you can’t go wrong checking this or any of the other Rod Dee locations out.


The Yellow Curry is a must and the Crab Rangoon is something to definitely try out! Make sure to bring some money with you because it’s cash only. If your in the area you gotta give it a try!


Thai Dish Authentic Cuisine

270 Babcock St
Boston, MA 02215
Phone number (857) 269-3021

Tom Yum Koong and Po Tak were essentially same soup base with just different meats and veggies

129 Jersey St
Boston, MA 02215
Phone number (617) 585-9909

Some of the best Tom Ka Gai (chicken coconut soup) and Yum Beef (Beef salad) I’ve ever had. Those are our usual go-to dishes to see if the the place is good. We knew that this place was going to be good when we saw a majority of Asian people eating there. Service was good with very nice people taking our order and taking care of us. On our trip we ate there twice, and they recognized us on the second trip.

The soup – nice and thick not watery. Ask for a little spice added to it.
The salad – the beef was real, not processed and rubbery, they char-grill it to give it just enough carbonized edges…the sauce was just as I have come to expect…I loved it!
Country Style Pad Thai – OMG this was so damn good!
Chicken Red Curry – it too was great…ask for spice added to it.


Brown Sugar Cafe

1033 Commonwealth Ave
Boston, MA 02215
Phone number (617) 787-4242

Finally tried this thai restaurant after always walking by and seeing it. We were impressed by the wall of awards at the entrance and were excited to sit and eat. As a customer was leaving, he mentioned it was worth the wait and the food was delicious!
For large parties, you can call ahead and make reservations. They also allow you to sit before your full party arrives which is nice and different than most Boston restaurants. We came as a party of 6 and did not make prior reservations so we had to wait about 30 mins which wasn’t bad for dinner at 7pm on a saturday. The hostess was very energetic and kept relaying that our table would be ready soon.
Once we sat down, the multiple waiters were very attentive always filling our water cups and clearing dirty dishes. I liked how they had a little container of brown sugar on the table.
We ordered the following appetizers: scallion pancake, papaya salad, and koo chaii ( chive dumpling). The favorite among our group was the chive dumplings which we got fried. The papaya salad was the second favorite and tasted very fresh. The scallion pancakes were just standard and weren’t very impressive and the dipping sauce was too sweet.
For our main course we ordered: pad thai country style, laab tofu, paradise garden, double stuffed chicken wing, nua yang num-tok and healthy ginko. The pad thai was delicious, it comes with a layer of egg surrounding the noodles. The laab tofu was also good and tasted fresh, this is a cold dish. The paradise garden is a red curry, we only wish there was more sauce. The double stuffed chicken was very bland without the sauce and not one of our favorites. The nua yang num-tok was also ground pork and a bland.
Overall, we had a good experience at Brown Sugar and most likely will come back. Maybe order the traditional thai dishes instead of their cool sounding ones.
also, if you have a birthday here they turn off the lights and put on party lights. it’s pretty cool!!


Nud Pob Thai Cuisine

nwealth Ave
Boston, MA 02215
Phone number (617) 232-9992

Casual and delicious Thai.

Your order will be yelled out when ready and it will be delicious.
The Tom Yum Pad Thai has a bit of an extra kick of flavor and was very very enjoyable. I also tried the honey sesame chicken and while it was mostly tiny pieces of chicken with lots of batter, it was crispy and tasty enough that I enjoyed it. Thai iced tea was good.

I definitely want to come back to try some curry noodle soup.

Great for a casual lunch or dinner.

My Thai Vegan Cafe

3 Beach St
Boston, MA 02111
Phone number (617) 451-2395

As others have mentioned, the entrance is a little sketchy but don’t let that deter you!

I went for a post-work dinner (5:30PM), and the food came out incredibly quick as only a few tables were filled. We ordered the steamed dumpling appetizer, the Rad Nar with “beef”, and the yellow curry with tofu. Sadly I didn’t manage to take a picture before we demolished our food!

The prices are very reasonable, and the portions are generous- enough to take home leftovers or in our case, to get uncomfortably full.

My Thai was bustling with most tables full by the time we left. I will definitely be coming back for lunch or dinner!

A Super-Early Dinner Can Burn More Fat, Study Finds

Eating all your meals within a six-hour window sounds like some sort of fad diet (and a recipe for midnight fridge raids). But new research study suggests that having your dinner before 2 p.m.(!)—or skipping it entirely—actually reduces hunger cravings and boosts fat burn. Before you sign on for the super early–bird special, however, here’s what you should know.

The study's preliminary results (not yet published in an academic journal) were presented this week at the Obesity Society’s annual meeting. It’s the first human trial of “early time-restricted feeding,” a strategy in which people eat their last meal of the day by mid-afternoon and don’t eat again until breakfast.

This type of eating plan has shown promise in animal studies; mice who are fed time-restricted diets tend to lose more body fat and have lower risk of chronic diseases than those whose meals are more spaced out. Some researchers believe that similar schedules could be beneficial for people, as well, since human metabolism follows an internal clock and many aspects of it function best in the morning.

To test this strategy, researchers at Louisiana State University's Pennington Biomedical Research Center followed 11 overweight men and women, ages 20 to 45, over two four-day periods. During one period, they ate all of their meals between 8 a.m. and 2 p.m.; during the other, they followed an average American eating schedule with meals between 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Both diets included the same daily calorie amounts and were similar except for timing. On the last day of each diet, the researchers performed 24 hours of metabolic testing on the participants, and asked about their hunger levels.

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The time-restricted diet did not affect how many calories the participants burned. But it did reduce their daily hunger swings, and increased the amount of fat they burned during several hours at night. It also improved metabolic flexibility, the body’s ability to switch between burning carbohydrates and fat.

So could restricting meals to a smaller time window help with weight loss, or improve other aspects of health? The researchers don’t know—but they say it’s a possibility. 

“We found that eating between 8 a.m. and 2 p.m. followed by an 18-hour daily fast kept appetite levels more even throughout the day, in comparison to eating between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m.,” said lead author Courtney Peterson, PhD, assistant professor of nutrition sciences at the University of Alabama Birmingham, in a press release. "It may therefore positively impact body composition both by increasing fat oxidation and by reducing energy intake," the study concludes.

Dale Schoeller, PhD, professor emeritus in the University of Wisconsin’s Department of Nutritional Sciences, says the findings do suggest—for the first time in people—that meal timing does have an impact on metabolism.

“With additional research on early-time restricted feeding on humans, we can create a more complete picture of whether this innovative method can best help prevent and treat obesity,” said Schoeller, who is a spokesperson for the Obesity Society and was not involved in the study.

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But there are also reasons to take these findings with a grain of salt, says Christine Gerbstadt, MD, RD, author of Doctor’s Detox Diet.

The metabolic effects of meal timing is an “interesting question,” says Dr. Gerbstadt, but she points out that the study’s test group was very small and only included young and (besides being overweight) healthy adults.

“It is unlikely that these results can be generalized to all Americans,” she told Health after reviewing the study’s abstract—especially those who are older, who have health conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, or high cholesterol, and those with poor exercise habits.

Potential risks for these and other groups—like how medications might be affected by such a schedule change—have not been studied, she says.

“The control of hunger has financial and health benefits, but I question the safety of daily fasting in all American populations,” she says, referring to the long gap between dinner and breakfast. “Certainly children and adults over 50 should be warned not to try this.”

Plus, deciding to eat such an early dinner every day—or no dinner at all—would require a major change for most people, behaviorally and socially. (Doing it just once in a while wouldn’t likely be recommended, as irregular meal schedules have been tied to higher levels of obesity and health complications.)  

“This eating pattern does not suit the lifestyles of most,” Dr. Gerbstadt says, “and may or may not be of any benefit.”  

Weight Loss –

How To Do A Post-Holiday Party Detox

No, you definitely should not do a full 24-hour juice cleanse—but there’s nothing wrong with having an extra-low-calorie day after a night of bingeing on unhealthy food and beverages, says F. Xavier Pi-Sunyer, MD, an obesity expert at Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons. "It won’t negatively impact your metabolism. You won’t be starved," he says. "It’s just one day."

Here's how to safely power through your binge and make the most out of your post-party detox, according to the docs:

1. Hydrate. First things first, wake up and de-bloat with a tall glass of lemon or cucumber water (the veggie contains an antioxidant that helps reduce swelling).

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2. Eat a healthy breakfast. Have a scaled-back breakfast of Greek yogurt with 2 teaspoons hemp seeds and half a grapefruit. Or make chia seed pudding with a cup of mixed berries; you can prep it in just 10 minutes and leave it in your fridge overnight. When you wake up, the milk-soaked chia seeds turn into a delicious no-cook pudding. If you want to give this dish an even bigger nutrient boost, sprinkle with 2 tablespoons of heart-healthy ground flaxseed, which will give you 20% of your recommended daily fiber intake.

3. Schedule an a.m. workout. If you overdid it the night before, there is one silver lining: "You’re likely carbed up from your indulgent meal last night, so you’re going to have a lot of energy," explains Jim White, RD, owner of Jim White Fitness & Nutrition Studios. “Use that energy and do a little bit of cardiovascular training, a little bit of weight training; keep drinking plenty of water and you’ll feel better.”

Weight Loss –

Weight Loss Success Story: "I Lost 65 Pounds"

Paige Jackson, 30, 5’7”, from New Orleans
Before: 220 lb., size 18
After: 155 lb., size 4
Total pounds lost: 65 lb.
Total sizes lost: 7

I was a three-sport athlete in high school, so active that I never gave a second thought to the fried chicken and cornbread I was scarfing down. Going off to college in 2004 put an end to my intense training schedule—but not my crazy eating habits. After a semester of soda and chicken cheesesteaks, I was 50 pounds heavier. I blamed my tight waistband on factors like the dorm dryer, shutting out comments from concerned friends who noticed how much weight I’d gained. It wasn’t until I had to grab a size 18 dress for my mother’s summer wedding that I finally realized I needed to make my health a priority.

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Sophomore reset

The following year, I moved off campus, which kept me away from that all-you-can-eat dining hall and empowered me to fill my own fridge with healthy foods

I also revved up my walking routine—which I had begun over the summer—and in no time, I was running for a full 30 minutes. On non-jogging days, I alternated between a Turbo Jam exercise DVD and strength-training regimens I found in magazines. At the end of the semester, I was down 30 pounds. 

Insta encouragement

By the time I graduated in 2008, I had become a little too lax with my portion sizes. To get back on track, I toted clean lunches, like salads, to work. I also began exercising with a trainer. These moves helped me ditch another 40 pounds. When my Facebook friends started commenting on my weight loss and asking for advice, I created a “Fit Tip of the Day” series on my page, which in 2012 turned into @spandex_and_sportsbras, a joint Instagram account with a friend. The best part about my 2,500-member fit family: They keep me accountable. And I love being able to help motivate others to reach their health goals.

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My slimdown essentials

Focusing on fitness has been critical to Paige’s success. Here, she picks the three strategies that helped the most.

Keep inspiration everywhere: I always have my phone background set to a motivational quote. Words of wisdom like “If you want it, work for it” offer a little pick-me-up every time I look at the screen. 

Don’t fixate on pounds: Throughout my journey, I have always relied on active goals, like running a 5K or building muscle, to measure my progress. Working toward real-life results is way more rewarding than obsessing over a number on the scale. 

Find delicious swaps: Instead of giving up my favorite comfort foods completely, I make them healthier. For example, for my good-for-you hash browns, I cook one shredded sweet potato in a tablespoon of coconut oil until it’s soft and crispy, then I top it with cinnamon and sea salt. Talk about yummy!

Paige is wearing: Crane & Lion Keyhole Sports Bra ($ 60,, Crane & Lion Racerback Tank ($ 60,, and Crane & Lion Original Tight ($ 95,


As told to Lindsey Murray

Weight Loss –